Sandra Caroll

Blues, Jazz & Rock

Caroll Macsana "Hommage Beatles"

A Tribute to the Beatles

Although they have very different musical backgrounds, Nicolas and Sandra started working together in the spring of 2013 on a pleasant musical pop duet. Their idea was to reopen the "Fab Four" treasure chest", select a few of the Beatles’ hits and play them to an audience nostalgic about the sixties.

The magic of this duet is the excellent match of their two voices that highlight the fine melodies of the Beatles’ songs.
Nicolas’ voice sounds strikingly similar to Paul McCartney’s but the next minute he switches to John Lennon’s gravelly tone. Sandra sings beautifully all the backing vocals plus a few ballads. And there they go : filling up private parties, bars, restaurants at each one of their performances. But what could one expect from a tribute that gets every generation happily singing their way back home ?

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