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Blues and friends

En duo dès 2011 avec MATHIEU MATHIS, excellent guitariste et harmoniciste Blues du Mans, puis rejoints deux ans plus tard par SYLVAIN COUËDEL, autre excellent guitariste pour former le SANDRA CAROLL TRIO, ces Blues Friends se sont produits dans des bars, des restaurants, des salles, des soirées privées, et ont participé à divers types d’évènements (les 24h du Mans), ainsi qu’aux festival JAZZ’Y KRAMPOUEZH et SO BLUES.

Eclatés aujourd’hui dans plusieurs autres projets musicaux, ils continuent à faire vivre chacun de leur coté le Blues avec passion. Un E.P reste à vendre au profit de l’association BLUES SPIRIT (voir rubrique Musique au bas de la page : Discographie)
Sandra a eu l’occasion de jouer avec d’autres Blues Friends tels que ALIAN BONES, ALBERT ROSE, LES BLOKEISH TONE ...

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Sandra Caroll Blue Jazz Quintet

In the summer of 2013, Sandra performed for Hendaye’s GUITARALDE Festival (in the South of France), a guitar festival that gathers each year the best French and Foreign Jazz guitar players (such as Sylvain Luc, Jean- Marie Ecay, Jimi Drouillard, Andrea Vettoretti...).

On this special occasion, she was backed by excellent Jazzmen (Jean-Luc Fabre, Eric Ruiz, Marc Tambourindeguy, Nicolas Filiatreau) that all have a fine musical background, having played for French and International well-known artists.

Together they play Jazz n’ Blues music. The promotors of Hendaye are so pleased with their performance on the guitar festival, that in 2014, a thematic evening "All about Blues music" is specially organised for them ; a ciné-concert with the screening of a documentary, "Sugarman", followed by their blues concert. This event was really outstanding and the band immediately recorded a 4 track demo.

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Life Goes Better With a Coke

For fun at first, Sandra joins in 2009 the choir of a big band called LIFE GOES BETTER WITH A COKE (borrowed from the advertising slogan of Coca Cola in the late fifties).
Rémi Savin, conductor of this collective of 14 gifted musicians, bets he can excite the audience with a Rhythm and Blues, Motown saoul and Stax repertoire.
And the bet was won ! the audience is utterly thrilled and cannot help but dance to the music !! this band is as bubbly as Coca Cola itself !
The singers in the choir sing in turns, the lead voice and the backing vocals, bringing each time a generous combination of their voices.

During 3 years, the band had very few gigs, but today, Coca cola is sparkling again and this time, the band is bigger : 5 vocalists, a super brass section, a groovy bass player and drummer, 2 spicy guitar players and an awesome keyboard player.
This talented lot is really dynamite ! so stay tuned !

Listen to tracks 1 and 6 on the webpage "Music"


Sandra Caroll and Manu K

Both great vocalists in a Rhythm and Blues big band called LIFE GOES BETTER WITH A COKE, Manu and Sandra started their duo in 2013. Get the picture : they just wanted to have easy-going fun singin’ and playin’ with an acoustic guitar added to their vocals.

Talking about a "melting-pot" of covers is more than appropriate for they cover a wide range of musical influences. They mess around with Jazz, Folk ’n Country music, Traditional Irish Music, Blues, Rhythm and Blues but also French Pop and Rock.

The backbone of their performance is based on simplicity, sincerity and emotion coming right through Manu’s deep gospel voice and Sandra’s warm and bluesy voice.
Manu’s artistic world is very personnal, sometimes comical, sometimes grave but always sincere.

You will find them playing in bars and private parties. This vocal duet is good in quality and really deserves a closer look.

Listen to tracks 2 and 5 on the webpage "Music"

Sandra Caroll et Christian D’Asfeld duo Jazz

Jouant ensemble au sein du Sandra Caroll Quintet, Sandra et Christian forment un duo de qualité proposant un répertoire piano/voix composé de standards Jazz et de morceaux Bluesy / Soul. Ambiance musicale très soft, parfaite pour soirées lounge, détente, restaurants, cafés, cocktails, mariages, apéritifs, comités d’entre-prise ....
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